elektrisk handbroms med 279mm wire

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Actuatorns längd är 381mm och kroppen är 50 x 50mm.


These E-Stopp push button electric emergency brakes are perfect for custom trucks, street rods or any other vehicle. They not only free up room on the chassis and in the interior but doubles as an anti-theft device when the activation button is hidden. The electric emergency brakes work with any kind of brake system that can accept an emergency brake cable and can mount anywhere on the chassis that you have room. They include the actuator, the control box with lighted push button switch and wire connectors. The E-Stopp push button electric emergency brakes are controlled by a micro computer that regulates the amount of pull. They will only pull up to 600 pounds before their locked down. The button has a detachable head for easy install and has both visual and audible recognition. Also included is our patented ignition safety feature that renders the brake inoperable while the ignition is on. We recently added another ground sync wire that can be hooked up to your parking symbol light on your dash board. They can be used as a theft deterrent by either hiding the button under the dash or in the glove compartment or by installing a kill switch. Basically, if someone doesn't know how to unlock your rear end, they will have a difficult time stealing your vehicle.


E-Stopp Corp.
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