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Fuel Tank Foam / Litre
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Fuel Tank Foam / Litre

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Tank foam is a requirement in many racing contexts, but also important for high-performance cars.

The foam prevents the fuel from moving quickly from side to side, or front to back. You don't need to fill a gas tank with foam to get the desired effect. Fill about 2/3 of the fuel tank on a street car and that's enough to keep the soup from sloshing around uncontrollably. This foam does not burn by itself.

Sold per liter of foam.

The foam takes up about 3% of the tank's volume. So if you have a 100 liter fuel tank, the foam steals 3 liters of the tank's capacity. The material is "reticulated" polyurethane foam. (polyester-based)


The foam can withstand water, gasoline, diesel, solvents, E85, oil, grease, etc. Organic solvents such as Benzene, Ethanol, Chloroform cause the foam to swell a little, about 1-3% depending on which liquid it is.


The only thing that you have to pay attention to is that when you saw or cut the foam, there may be some crumbs that get stuck in the foam, so you have to be careful to blow clean or rinse.

Sold per litre.

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