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Terms & Conditions

Every purchase is either cash, COD (60 SEK added), credit card, prepayment or (for individuals only) invoice by Gothia Finance, Pay By Bill. Payment 10 days from invoicedate, (29 SEK added in billing fee). The last payment option can be changed to several installments, see information below*.

VAT is included in all prices if not else stated.
Fee for shipping is added to all orders, if nothing else is agreed upon. We have the right to change the shippingfee that has been precalculated for a weborder, mainly because goods that is considered bulky may in some cases get the wrong precalculated shippingfee. In these rare cases we will first contact you.

We have the right to in hindsight change prices and information that may have been publiced on the webpage, for example in a banner och in printed information from us. These changes also includes adjustments to prices for reasons we do not control.

According to Swedish law, consumers (not applicable to companies) have the right to withdrawal by noticing us within 14 days from receiving the merchandise. To be entitled to this right to withdrawal, the merchandise must be returned in an undamaged state kept in it´s original package. When using the right to withdrawal it´s the customer who pays for the return shipping fee. Written details about your namn and your order- and invoicenumber must be included.

Merchandise specially purchased from abroad on customers demand does not qualify for withdrawal if nothing else is agreed upon.
Any eventual damages to the merchandise must be reported immediately to the company in charge of the shipping.

For ordered merchandise, which is returned to Dalhems because the customer didn´t collect it in time, we will charge the customer both the shipping fee from Dalhems as well as shipping fee back to us and also extra fees for the handling of the merchandise. 

Notice!! Notice!!
Always test fit the merchandise before doing any painting or other modification of the merchandise.

When ordering from the webpage and you don´t get an order confirmation, please contact us to have your order confirmed.
When ordering or general questions from the webpage, always pay attention that you provide us with a correct e-mail address and please also add a phonenumber so we can easily get in contact with you.
*) To be allowed to use paymentmethod Pay By Bill the customer must be at least 18 years old and be registered in Sweden, as well as be approved by the credit check that is made before the purchase. Social security number must be provided and is handled by us according to the Swedish Personal Data Act (PUL).
Shipping in only possible to the customers registered address.
The invoice in e-mailed to the customer when the delivery is made. Check your e-mail.
When payment is late the customer will be charged a reminder fee (currently 60 SEK).
When nonpayment the case will be handed over to collection and the customer will be charged a collection fee (currently 180 SEK).
When the total invoice amount is over 200 SEK, you may make the payment in several installments. If you choose to do so, you can log on to with your invoicenumber and password (printed in grey area on the invoice). When you have approved the terms and conditions you may pay the "lowest amount to pay". You will then receive monthly new slips and information about the lowest amout you have to pay. An arrangement fee of 95 SEK is added as well as a slipfee of 25 SEK for every monthly installment.
For full conditions, please log on to